Add wireless sensors for Alvarion BreezeAccess radios

Please add some radio-related parameters for the Alvarion BreezeACCESS units. Right now it only shows overall traffic and no wireless sensor at all.
Alvarion units can be either access point (called AU or BU) or station (SU or RB).
Here is a MIB that applies to both behaviours:
Also, the OIDs differ between software version below/above 5.0, but both are covered in the MIB above.
AU and SU units report slightly different info, depending on role.
What would be interesting to see added:

  • a graph with number of wireless clients (pinned also on top, next do device traffic). Info can be obtained from brzaccVLAUAdbTable (below v5) or brzaccVLAUNewAdbTable (above v5)
  • a list of clients (SU) connected to the AU (name & unit type), along with their SNR (graph), RSSI (graph), Total TX Frames (graph) and Total TX Dropped Frames (graph). Info can be obtained from same 2 tables, the following OIDs: brzaccVLAdbUnitName (unit type is not available below v5), brzaccVLAdbSNR, brzaccVLAdbTxFramesTotal, brzaccVLAdbDroppedFramesTotal or brzaccVLNewAdbUnitName, brzaccVLNewAdbUnitType, brzaccVLNewAdbSNR, brzaccVLNewAdbRSSI, brzaccVLNewAdbTxFramesTotal, brzaccVLNewAdbDroppedFramesTotal


  • average SNR (graph), brzaccVLAverageReceiveSNR

SNMP walks will follow in new posts.

Thank you!

Here are SNMP walks:

More SNMP walks: