Added a device via webui but it wont poll

Hi - Me again

So I have added a single device with the correct snmp v2 string but status is up/down time - never polled - how do you turn on polling ?

Next I tried to add my local network via cli but that fails too
oot@highlands:/home/sbdawson# su - librenms lnms config:set nets.+ ‘’
lnms: line 2: ?php: No such file or directory
lnms: line 4: /bin: Is a directory
lnms: line 5: syntax error near unexpected token |' lnms: line 5: |--------------------------------------------------------------------------’

Which is the same error I get when I run ./validate.php

HI @Scott_Dawson
Seems that you did not install LibreNMS correctly. I would suggest to get back to the documentation and check if all the steps were properly followed. Starting with the permission/users of the files. You probably have a few errors of this kind.

Seems like they might be missing the php-cli package or something like that.