Adding a Device with MAC Address

Hello, currently I’m monitoring Unifi Access Point (UAP-AC-LR) and Switches (US-16-250W and US-24-250W) using IP address (SNMPv2) to discover it.

But when the devices goes down, because DHCP, IP address changes in some devices, so I need to change the IP address of that devices in Librenms so that it can be monitored again. But as this happens quite frequently, I want to find a solution for this problem. I am told that if I add the device with MAC Address, even if IP Address is changed, It can still be monitored because MAC Address has low possibility to change.

Is this possible in Librenms? Or is there any other solution to my problem?

Sorry for my bad english and thank you in advance.

Use a DNS name for them.
Off topic but, sounds very bad to put APs and Switches on dynamic IP…

Thanks for your reply!

I’m sorry, but I’m still newbie in this stuff, is sysname in devices is the same as DNS name?

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