Adding a new OS/Device to be detected (Digital Screen)

Please provide ALL info asked f Hello,

I’m going round in circles here, so I’m trying to go back to the basics to see what I need. I have a specialised digital screen we use in our business that I need to put into LibreNMS.

I have added 1 of them to LibreNMS and not much data shows at all as LibreNMS doesn’t know what it is.

I have all the OIDs we need to use and I have run an snmpwalk via the Ubuntu OS and all the values return. Now I need to see how to get this into LibreNMS.

What I have done so far is used the custom OID tab and I this works, but I have nearly 80 screens to add.

The mib is this

I have seen this:

Is seems I can run this command to help me build a way to detect the devices properly and use my OIDs?

./scripts/new-os.php -h 101 -o test-os -t network -v cisco

Should I run this to help? If so:

  1. How do I find the device ID?

  2. How to find out what these switches mean (-h -o -t -v)

Thanksor here.