Adding a new page to librenms

i am trying to add a menu to librenms which i have done by following this doc
-How to add a custom menu item

i have created a controller named CustomController and then added a route in web.php
my blade file looks like

<li class="dropdown">
    <a href="{{route('custom.index')}}" class="dropdown-toggle" data-hover="dropdown" data-toggle="dropdown"><i class="fa fa-database fa-fw fa-lg fa-nav-icons hidden-md" aria-hidden="true"></i>
        <span class="hidden-sm">Custom Menu</span></a>

and my route looks like

Route::get('/custom_index', '[email protected]')->name('custom.index');

but when i load the page i get an error saying

Route [custom.index] not defined. (View: /opt/librenms/resources/views/menu/custom.blade.php) (View: /opt/librenms/resources/views/menu/custom.blade.php) (View: /opt/librenms/resources/views/menu/custom.blade.php) (View: /opt/librenms/resources/views/menu/custom.blade.php)

how can i add a new page to this framework please assist

php artisan route:clear

the error went away but when i click on the page it says 404 page not found

Guessing you haven’t added anything to [email protected]? It’s tricky to guess.

Use php artisan route:list to see what routes you have

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