Adding additional storage for polling

How can I add additional drives? My windows host can detect the additional volumes no problem but my Ubuntu Server 16.04 VMs (hyper v) only polls the OS drive, not others like sdb sdc etc.

I’ve read manpage of snmpd but no luck using suggested syntax (mountpoint and /dev/sdb).

Am I missing something?

Did you rediscover it? If it still doesn’t show up, click the gear and select capture. Post the discovery output here.

Yes I have rediscovered it. I’ve also just noticed that graphs are being drawn in Disk I/O for the other disks but not in Disk Usage.

I see no “Capture” under the cog while looking at the device’s overview, only “launch”, “ssh”, “telnet” and “edit”. I could run the commands listed here but I guess I don’t want to pass the “os” parameter, let me know what I should pass instead and I’ll report back - thanks.

That is for new devices. It seems like your LibreNMS might be out of date. What does ./validate.php say for your version?

./ as the librenms user to update.

I was out of date, thanks.

I rediscovered the device and waited pretty much ~12 hours, no change on the disk usage for other mounted drives.

Here’s the discovery output

I discovered I had no cron set so nothing was running at intervals, obvious root cause for being massively out of date. I copied contents from /etc/cron.d/librenms to the librenms user’s crontab, let it do its thing through the night and just rediscovered the device - still no luck. Here’s an updated capture:

# Using this cron file requires an additional user on your system, please see install docs.

33  */6   * * *   librenms    /opt/librenms/discovery.php -h all >> /dev/null 2>&1
*/5  *    * * *   librenms    /opt/librenms/discovery.php -h new >> /dev/null 2>&1
*/5  *    * * *   librenms    /opt/librenms/cronic /opt/librenms/ 16
15   0    * * *   librenms    /opt/librenms/ >> /dev/null 2>&1
*    *    * * *   librenms    /opt/librenms/alerts.php >> /dev/null 2>&1
*/5  *    * * *   librenms    /opt/librenms/poll-billing.php >> /dev/null 2>&1
01   *    * * *   librenms    /opt/librenms/billing-calculate.php >> /dev/null 2>&1
*/5  *    * * *   librenms    /opt/librenms/check-services.php >> /dev/null 2>&1

Run ./validate.php, and check fix any issues it finds. Also, those entries won’t work as is in the users cron.