Adding admin users on LibreNMS

Hi, I’m new to Libre and have sort of an issue.

Colleague that was managing LibreNMS quit with the end of January, and I continued to do his work. He didn’t elevate rights for my user to admin level, and now I can’t add or remove users, nor do I have option to do so in my GUI.

He told me to use adduser.php tool on Linux, and when I do it says that user that I wanted to add was added successfully but I can’t log in with it to GUI. It says invalid credentials.

Command that I use looks like this: ./adduser.php username, password, level 1-10, email.Without commas ofcourse.

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong? I have been trying to do this for 2 days already and nothing seems to be working.

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Below command works
./adduser.php test1234 test1234 10

you should not mention word “level” just give 10 for admin

I know, I didn’t type level in to command. As you can see, it says User added successfully on my previous entries but I still can’t log in with that user to web GUI.

can try lnms

lnms user:add testuser -p testpw -r admin

what does this command do? can I add admin role to already existing user with it, or does this "lnms user:add " creates a new admin user?

creates new user


can u paste here the exact command you are typing. of course you can change password to random before pasting here

ahh, mismatched syntax

lnms user:add -p yourpassword -r admin yourusername

i have tested with both syntax. works for me

Ok, I write it this way and this is the reply:


hmm that explains.
your installation not using mysqlauth

i never tried other auth methods, im using default mysqlauth

what’s the other one my installation could use? Active Directory?

there are multiple options