Adding AKCP temperature sensors to LibreNMS

Hi Guys,

Could you please add AKCP temperature sensors to be discovered and graphed by LibreNMS ?
We have added one of those sensors in our LIbreNMS, but it does not seem to discover the temperature readings.
Object ID .

Please let me know if you require any information.

Thanks in advance

Hi @kalamchi75
Please have a look here (Issues · librenms/librenms · GitHub) and either try to do the change yourself (this is the fastest) or fill an issue with the necessary information (but do not expect a quick action, considering the size of the TODO queue … :frowning: )

Hi Pipo,

Do you have some documentation on how to do it please ?


Of course :slight_smile: You can have a look here.

Thanks Pipo. I will give it a try.
If I can’t make it, I will submit a feature request and wait my turn :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

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