Adding Description to Devices overview


I am trying to get an additional column in my devices overview to show the customer name (based on description field) however I am kinda stuck.

This is the code I added:

Line: 350
“purpose”: function (column, row) {
//return $device[‘purpose’];
return “” + row.purpose + “”;

in the file /opt/librenms/includes/html/pages/ but doesn’t seem to work.

See attachment for what I would like to do!

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-28 om 11.45.59|690x77

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?


Does column purpose exists in the devices table?

Well, it exists as


did you enhanced table head with this new column?

contains purpose column the value of “Description” field?

i recommend this column by default not to be seen. Thinking most don’t need it. So also implement a Global Settings parameter to switch this to on.

No, I am actually not a programmer, so trying my best, I added the Description column header as a

in the same file, I first want it to get it working for us, I have seen many people asking this in various topics because you can name your servers but you only can see which server it is after clicking on it while you can see all information in 1 view…

I will see what I can change…


I am looking for a similar solution, adding ‘serial’ field in the devices overview page.
M stuck on the same step as you are. Any suggestions/solutions on this?


No like I said, I am no programmer and I have seen a lot of people are requesting this ‘custom field’ option or a plugin where you can select any in the overview tab as the overview tab is more used than any dashboard.

It is unfortunate this isn’t a default option.