Adding device to the Oxidized list from LibreNMS

I have come into a work place that has an existing set up and connection of the two systems. What I am needing help with is how to update the oxidized to allow new devices to be polled and their configurations pulled.

On my librenms, I add new devices in this file : /home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/router.db
It can probably be on another user, I don’t know, but the file is often named router.db.

In /home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/config, you can see “source” and you’ll find what file is used.
default: csv
file: /home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/router.db

If you have already set source as URL in oxidized config, you can just enable below setting in Librenms

Under Global Settings>External Settings>Oxidized Integration toggle below switch to on

Reload Oxidized nodes list, each time a device is added

whenever a new device added to librenms, it will be loaded in to oxidized

I have done this and have access to the oxidieded node list but it still will not up date and adding the new devices

What is the source type set in oxidized config ?