Adding LTE-Information from Device

Hi there,
I’m new to Librenms and have a question about it. I have a couple of LTE routers in use and would like to receive information about the current network type and signal strength from them.

I have already created the device, but now I fail to build the graph for the network type. The network type could be LTE, 3G UMTS, 3G HSDPA, GPRS.

Since the modems have different signal strengths depending on the network type, it would be nice to create a connection in the diagram.

I was able to implement the diagram for the signal strength but without reference to the network type.
I’ve tried the wireless modules, but it doesn’t really work.

Can someone help me here, please?

namespace LibreNMS\OS;

use LibreNMS\Device\WirelessSensor;
use LibreNMS\Interfaces\Discovery\Sensors\WirelessCcqDiscovery;
use LibreNMS\OS;
use LibreNMS\RRD\RrdDefinition;

class Insys extends OS implements
    private $data;

    public function discoverWirelessCcq()
            $sensors[] = new WirelessSensor(
                '.' . $index,
                'Network: ' . $entry['insRtStatusNetwork'],

        return $sensors;


Thx, kind regards

Littel Update:
I used now the yaml from the device, but I stuck with adding a second state sensor, I am not sure whats wrong if i look at an existing yaml.
Maybe anybody can help with this.

        sysDescr_regex: INSYS-ROUTER-MIB::insRtSysSystemHardwareRevision.0
        serial: INSYS-ROUTER-MIB::insRtSysSystemSerialNumber.0
        version: INSYS-ROUTER-MIB::insRtSysSystemFirmwareVersion.0
                    oid: insRtStatusNetworkType
                    num_oid: .
                    descr: Netzwerktyp
                    state_name: insRtStatusNetworkType
                       - { descr: '3G UMTS', graph: 1, value: '3G UMTS', generic: 0 }
                       - { descr: 'GPRS', graph: 1, value: 'GPRS', generic: 2 }
                       - { descr: 'null', graph: 1, value: 2, generic: 3 }
                    oid: insRtStatusIPsecDialOut
                    num_oid: .
                    descr: IPSecStatus
                    state_name: insRtStatusIPsecDialOut
                       - { descr: 'inactive', graph: 1, value: 0, generic: 0 }
                       - { descr: 'activated', graph: 1, value: 1, generic: 2 }
                       - { descr: 'connected', graph: 1, value: 2, generic: 3 }

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