Adding new OS

Hello, since few days im trying to add NewOS in Librenms. It is PLC device from Inventia called MT151hmi, i was using your script
which looks like this “./scripts/new-os.php -h 42317 -o mt151 -t plc -v inventia”
I i successfully added logo, and mib file which is located in /opt/librenms/mibs/inventia/MT151-MIB.
Unfortunately im not getting any others information than :
Device OS changed: generic -> MT151
Device type changed server => PLC
also my other devices like rasberypie has changed status from
Device type changed server => PLC
Device OS: linux -> MT151
Device OS changed: linux -> MT151
Thats my yaml file of os




Any help will be great, I am a real nob when it comes to programming and using librenms. I can provide mib file if u want to.
Best Regards Wicek.