Adding (Non-)Unicast to dashboard

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I want to put all my Unicast and Non-Unicast traffic on my Dashboard, is there a simple way of doing this?

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did look at the graph widget? idk about doing all of that traffic… but maybe per device or interface.

Hello Kevin,

How would I get it set up per Device/Interface?


try this.

Get the port id by hovering over each port and looking for port=[number] in the URL at the bottom of the browser. Alternately you can click into the port and it will show in the address bar.
Go here - https://[your librenms URL]/graphs/id=[comma separated list of ports you want to graph]/type=multiport_bits
Right click the image and select “Copy Image Location”
Add the widget “External Images” to the dashboard
Paste the link you copied above in to the “Image URL” box, and delete everything before “graph”. The result should look like this:
Change the from= and to= values in the URL to the date range you want to display. For instance, “from-1d&to-300” will display from one day ago to five minutes ago.
In order to make the text scale with the size of the widget window append, “&absolute=1” to the end of the URL.
If you want clicking the image to result in a larger image opening, paste that into the, “Target URL” box. I adjusted my from/to so that it would open to a seven day view.

Is there a way I could source the http://[My librenms URL]/ports/format=graph_upkts/ and http://[My librenms URL]/ports/format=graph_nupkts/ ? Like get the Graphs from there onto my Dashboard.

If not ill try it your way!

Thanks a lot for your help btw,

yes try it with the “external images widget”

Yea, I tried using it but cant figure out how to get more than 1 into a single box. Seeing how there are about 100+ links ill have to copy, I dont think a hundred boxes would look that nice. Is there a way to get the whole list directly?


Also I probably did something wrong but trying to do it your way only displays the first ports output?

Sorry for all the hassle!


to be honest, I never tried graphing the Unicast graphs … you are in a kinda uncharted territory for me. So you are going to play with it… unless some else chimes in with more info or has done this b4.

You can choose Port -> Nupkt in the graph widget but this will only show per port. That’s all you can do I’m afraid.