Adding Support for Calix 700 Series ONT's

I was wanting to submit my work on the Calix 700 Series ONT’s. They seem to be discovering ok, but maybe someone could check my work to see if anything is missing.

./discovery.php -h -d | ./ =
./poller.php -h -r -f -d | ./ =
snmpbulkwalk -OUneb -v2c -c public . | ./ =
seems to be timing out…
snmpwalk -OUneb -v2c -c public . | ./ =

I created a definition file calix700ont.yaml here:

NOTE: the ifalias isn’t quite right on discovery.

Hope this helps


Hello @bwehrspann
Could you please submit a Pull Request directly on GitHub. This will be easier for the community to review your YAML file (os name and filename of the yaml file must match, for instance), ask you complements of data (test data) and merge your contribution directly into LibreNMS (everybody will benefit from it) ?

Sure can thanks for guiding me through this. :slight_smile:

I did find MIBS for the 700 series ONT.!Aq7M3pKXhPyGhpFjT5sCHEx8NosgJA?e=KVaiuv

Can you help me understand what I need out of this and what I don’t need.
And whether I can put these files in with the rest of the calix mibs or not.



I’ll check it out with the snmpwalk data and let you know the necessary ones.

Hi @bwehrspann
Unfortunately, the ifName/ifAlias is sent incorrectly by the device. You need to get in touch with the vendor to have a patched firmware.
Instead of creating a new OS, I used the currently defined “calix legacy” in calix.yaml.
You can test with the same PR :
./scripts/github-apply 12744