Additional OID's request to be listed under Access points-tab for Aruba Controllers

Hello All.
Thanks for all the hard work !
We are polling Aruba Controllers.

Each of our APs are listed under “Access Points-tab” like this:

[APNAME-AP04 (dot11g)]
dot11g - channel 1
txpow 9

[APNAME-AP04 (dot11a)]
dot11a - channel 40
txpow 18

I would like to see some more details collected from controller and listed
among the existing mac-address, Channel info, and txpower.

I would like to see the following, and hope that someone can add it: (wlanAPStatus) up(1), down(2) (wlanAPRemoteLanIpAddress) (wlanAPOuterIpAddress) (In case of RAP) (AP-Profile) (AP Serial) (wlanAPUpTime) (wlanAPModelName) (wlanAPNumReboots) (wlanAPNumWarmReboots) (wlanAPSwitchIpAddress) (wlanAPStandbyIpAddress) (lldpNeighborPortId) (lldpNeighborPortDesc) (lldpNeighborSysName)

This would bring some really neat and handy info to the overview of each AP.

Best Regards
Martin Svedberg

On a side note to this.

I cant help wondering if its really optimal to have each AP listed as “two”
(dot11g)] & (dot11a)]

Would it not be easier to have them identified and listed as individual physical APs under:

And the two radios as sub-parts ?