ADTRAN TA5000 Graphs

Hello everyone,

I really need to make our TA5000 shelves work with Librenms. If someone could help me, or point me in the right direction, that would be great. Thanks.

My graph for CPU usage says “Error Drawing Graph: No Process”. I’ve tried various different things over the past two weeks and I’m stumped. Please help.

If you are having troubles with discovery/polling include the pastebin output of:

./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d | ./
./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -r -f -d | ./

I actually ended up figuring it out after about 2 weeks of banging my head against the keyboard. Thanks anyways.

You should post what the actual solution is so others can benefit.

I don’t think I can. The MIBs I used are proprietary from ADTRAN. I had to accept a license agreement to be able to download them. I’m sorry, I would love to be able to help in any way I can. This is a terrific piece of software. Especially since a guy with hardly any programming knowledge (myself) can get into it and write custom code to make something work.

A lot of vendors are like that, do you have any information on what the MIB is that’s needed and what you did as we can try and find it ourselves for inclusion

I had to put in a request on ADTRAN’s website to get access to the secure MIBs. They have general MIBs available, for their NetVanta equipment, etc. However, for the TA5000 and their other carrier grade offerings you have to gain access to these secure MIBs. If you will private message me I would love to give you as much information as possible. I just don’t want to get into any trouble with ADTRAN.


The MIBs I used are as follows: