Advice with new OS/discovery for Dell ME4084

Currently working with a librenms test server to add a Dell ME4084 array.

I’ve some Dell ME4084 arrays, sat behind proxied SNMPD.conf on fileservers.

The proxy is working. Proxy is used because fileserver connects directly to the array’s two controllers (A,B) using ethernet cables. Back-to-back interfaces.

snmpwalk | head of an ME4084…

. = OID: .
. = Timeticks: (295337865) 34 days, 4:22:58.65
. = STRING: our_org
. = STRING: our_name_for_array
. = STRING: location
. = INTEGER: 64
. = Timeticks: (295337865) 34 days, 4:22:58.65
. = OID: .
. = OID: .

This is how I’ve started out.

contents of new file includes/definitions/dell-me-array.yaml

os: dell-me4084
text: ‘Dell ME4084’
type: storage
icon: dell
group: dell
- sysObjectID:
- .
- sysDescr_regex:
- ‘/^DELL(\s)+EMC(\s)+ME4084/’

Now it is getting discovered which is good…

So now I think I need a file in includes/definitions/discovery/<os>.yaml

Which points to MIB at top in first line. Then definitions.

MIB is abit curious…named “FCMGMT-MIB.mib”

Noticed above request for the me4012.

We just need to make sense of this MIB. A03 I think is latest version/zip