AirFiber 5XHD LTU overall traffic error


We have some Airfiber 5XHD LTU, and librenms shows traffic in “k” when the device have megabits, i attached an image:

My version of librenms is 1.49.
My question is, how can I trace this problem? the output of poller seems to be ok.
and I see in the database fields IfinOctects and IfInOctets_prev, and it seems to be ok too…

If you need some data, please ask me


What values are IfinOctects_rate ?

What speeds are you expecting? remember SNMP at 5 minute interval would show the average throughput speed of the whole interval.

Perhaps also could be an issue with MIB as its a newer device, run this and paste the output of
./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -d



The device has (in this moment):

  • Upload 7Mbps.
  • Download: 33Mbps.

IfInOctets_rate :2141 (in this moment)

I didn’t know about the field “_rate”, is the real rate, in octets?

Result of poller.php:

Thanks for reply!.

Is it just the overall graph which is wrong?

What if you go to the individual port traffic graphs, for example ath0 port?

Yes i think _rate is the last 5 minute SNMP throughput rate.

I checked the ath0 and it is the same it shows only “k”…

i’m going to check again SNMP, to see if i found something…

Hi again, nothing, SNMP seems to be ok, but graph shows only traffic in ‘k’…


Not sure but could try changing the port association mode


Depending on what you have it set too,

Port Association Mode: ifIndex -> ifName, or change from ifName -> ifIndex .

Then Save, go to Device Settings and rediscover and wait a few minutes for polling.

Thanks! i will try it, hope it works!:four_leaf_clover:

I test again, i see that airos-af-ltu has its own MIB, and “Stats” :
. (afLTUTxbytes)
. (afLTUTxbytes).

So i have a new question, is there any way, to edit for this device, and change mibs for traffic? or i need to create new graph with this OID?.

Thank you!


Anyone make any progress on this? In the past, I have made some custom wireless graphs but I am kinda lost on where to begin with traffic related graphs. I am assuming there is a way to create custom ‘port’ graphs? or should this be a new category in the ‘wireless’ graphs?