AKCP securityProbe dry contact support

Hi, I have a AKCP securityProbe 5ES-X60. I do see that AKCP has partial support as I see the temperature sensors popping up, but all dry contacts don’t seem to be included. Searching doesn’t really help me. I do see some topics and issues on github on AKCP, but they are related to smaller units.

When I open up a dry contact on the unit, I see a list of SNMP OID’s available: https://i.gyazo.com/1eb2734104e18e865b09c4d52dfc401f.png

In LNMS I see temperature and a bunch of nameless switches: https://i.gyazo.com/cce20831c5c8ff3b10cfbab10886eeaf.png

But no dry contacts to be found, do I miss some information?

This issue/pull looks like it added some support: feature: Add AKCP dry contact state support by Rosiak · Pull Request #7124 · librenms/librenms · GitHub

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