Alcatel Lucent Switch Software Upgrade - No Ports

We upgraded a bunch of Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Omniswitches from AOS 8.5.255.R02 to AOS 8.7.98.R03

After the upgrade, librenms shows “No Ports” when you go to the switch and hover over the Device Traffic graph. It also doesn’t show any ports on the summary page, they’re all gone.

However if we turn ON “Enable selected port polling” for one of the upgrade switches and re-discover, the ports come back.

If we then turn OFF “Enable selected port polling” and re-discover, the ports disappear again. Any idea why after the AOS upgrade, we’d need to turn on “Enable selected port polling” for librenms to find the ports and graph them?

That version has a bug where snmpbulkwalk is not working for IF-MIB. This is confirmed by Alcatel-Lucent.
You need to upgrade the firmware to a newer version or to downgrade.

Thanks for the reply, do you happen to have the Alcatel Lucent bug ID or know the version I can upgrade to where snmpbulkwalk is fixed ?

As far as I know, any version is working fine, except the version you are using (8.7.98.R03).
If you need any version, even the latest one, ping me in private.

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Yep, I upgraded to 8.7.252.R02 and all looks good. Thanks for the help.

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