Alert: Error: You must provide at least one recipient email address - On Rule

After poking around in the forums, grabbing some coffee, then poking some more I have not found a solution. Alerting works on this AVtech Environment Device since reboot alerts come through for it.when I restart it. When my temperature notification fires, it says that I need to provide recipients. I am sure that I am missing something that the coffee is not pointing out. and validate.php come up clean. Below are my error, alert settings and alert rule. Note that I included in the error where a reboot will alert via the email transport just fine. All Admins have e-mail addresses associated.

In case anyone was pondering on this one, I was able to solve the issue. I was testing the rule by using the “Invert Match” switch to get the alert to fire. Don’t do that. Once I changed the sensor_current test to something that would fire an alert, it worked just fine.

What helped was another post where @laf posted the module specific poller debugging for another issue so I ran ./poller.php -h AVtechThingy -m sensors -d and saw some nonstandard text in the SQL update (see below - this is while the query was “inverted”).

My apologies to coffee, it was my own lazyness.