Alert for chains out of balance

I hope this has not yet been covered. I have not found anything helpful in my searches.

I am trying to find a way to be alerted if the Wireless Signal Strength of the two chains differs by more than 5db. I am not currently concerned if the signal strength of both chains move as long as there is not more than a 5db difference. For example in the graph below, the blue and green lines should be within 5 as they are on the left, but when they look like they do on the right I would like to be notified. Is this possible? If so, how?

Probably. Just create the rule using the less then and greater then. Have you looked at the Wireless sensor rules from the collection? You have to do some trial and error to dial it in.

If you figure it out, it would be a good rules to add to the premade alert collection.

I don’t think Greater than and Less than will do it.
Example: Customer A
RSSI Chain0: 43
RSSI Chain1: 45

If Customer A goes from 43 and 45 to 48 and 50, that is ok. If it changes to 43 and 49, that is a problem and I want to know about it. So, I cannot say less than this or greater than that is a problem. I need to say if this differs from that by more than 5, it is a problem. I guess I’m saying I need to find the difference between the two values and then say if Greater than 5 send Alert. I haven’t found anything in the collection to use as an example to find the difference.

I was thinking of something like this:

RULE Divergence 5:
device.rssi0 >= (device.rssi1 - 5) && device.rssi0 <= (device.rssi1 +5)

chain0: 43 chain1:47
43 >=(47 - 5) && 43 <= (47 + 5) GOOD
chain0: 43 chain1:49
43 >=(49-5) && 43 <= (49 + 5) FAIL
chain0: 43 chain1:37
43 >= (37-5) && 43 <= (37 +5) FAIL

Sorry, I got busy on other projects. I think you have something there. I cannot however figure out how to enter it. I cannot find device.rssi0 or device.rssi1 in the list although I do find the rssi fields in the database. Is there a way to add these to the list when creating rules? Or do you have to use the SQL query? I am not very good with SQL.