Alert for frequency chain change

I’m looking for a way to alert if there is a frequency change on an AP that has two channels, and a horizontal / Vertical chain on both of those channels. If I just base it on freq then it alerts because the chains are different. I tried just matching descr contains vert but it continuously alerts because the two vert chains are different. I don’t see a way to compare current to previous of a particular chain.
Anyone have a suggestion?


So I have tried several different ways to do this. My latest is to use the sensor index but it appears that Libre is not comparing the current and previous even one just one index is used in the rule. It will alarm even though the values are the same. Looking at the alarm detail:
“sensor_class”: “frequency”,
“sensor_index”: “3”,
“sensor_type”: “mimosa-ptp”,
“sensor_descr”: “Frequency: Horiz. Chain”,
“sensor_divisor”: 1,
“sensor_multiplier”: 1,
“sensor_aggregator”: “sum”,
“sensor_current”: 5605,
“sensor_prev”: 5605,

Right now the rule is:
wireless_sensors.sensor_class = “frequency” AND macros.device_up = 1 AND wireless_sensors.sensor_index = 3 AND wireless_sensors.sensor_current != “wireless_sensors.sensor_prev”

Thoughts anyone?

I don’t think I understand - do you have two sensors you need to combine to generate your alert?

I think I saw some type of mechanism for grouping two alerts together but I’m not sure how it works.

There are two “radio channels” in use. Each has a vertical and a horizontal chain so when the channels are listed there is channel1 vertical and horizontal and channel2 vertical and horizontal. All four are graphed.
There may be some cases where a radio channel will automatically change. What I want is an alarm when that happens.

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