Alert for reading Physical and Swap memory after the last update has stopped working


You have right, we have tested it and we are not getting any results.

We strongly believe that after the last update, something has been changed and now the alert is not working.
Please note that before the update the alert was working normally without any issues.

Mempool data will be filled/updated with polling/discovery results

maybe you reduce filter options to get it working? thinking about mempool_index
Don’t know what it is for

to verify “We strongly believe that after the last update, something has been changed and now the alert is not working.” would it be possible to roll back updates till you’ve got it working again and post here the first commit in which it doesn’t work anymore?
i recommend to do this on a testing system.

We have downgraded to a previous version 1.61 and we are facing the same issue.

We would like to know if there is a way to create two different alert rules and then combine them.

Resurrecting this as keen to get a solution too - to the problem of Virtual memory usage on linux…

I think this query might be close, adjusting as necessary to return results (to sanity check) the 40% and 10%

MariaDB [librenms]> select device_id,mempool_descr,mempool_perc FROM mempools where (mempool_descr = “Virtual memory” AND mempool_perc > 40) OR (mempool_descr = “Swap space” AND mempool_perc >= 10) GROUP BY device_id HAVING COUNT(*) = 2;

You need a question mark in every advanced query as a placeholder for the device_id.

Also, why is this an advanced query? and why do you need both virtual and swap? I would suggest only checking swap. virtual memory is just physical memory + swap.

Alternatively, make two alerts, one for swap and one for virtual if you really want to monitor virtual.

Yeah I’m probably over thinking it. Was thinking about a file server. Virtual memory usage not problematic in itself (caching) , but swap can be.

A swap only might suffice.

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