Alert for same device on different mail adress

Hello all,
I use LibreNMS and love it really for all the features, but I am annoyed by the alert rules.

I have alert for devices up/down sended by email and it works fine, these mails are received by our sms gateway and forward it to our mobiles numbers.
This works great but now, I would like to add alert for differents thresholds on my devices like CPU/RAM/HDD usage, but I want to send these alerts to another email address to not go to my sms gateway!
I didn’t find any email/user defined in each alert rule…
Does anybody know how can I do it ?
Sorry for my poor english!
Thanks for your help!

That’s not possible right now.


Thank you for your feedback.
So I have no sultion to have differents email address for up/down alerts and for threshold alerts ?

Thanks and regards.

It would be nice I think to have different email contact in alert settings on device if there is a critical or warning alert…

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