Alert in case of same eventlog messages


I’m in internship and I have to setup specific rule to monitor some ports of different switch. I have to send an alert to my mailbox in case of same eventlog messages appears 3 times in 10/15minutes.

Currently I have this rule :

I’m really blocked here. I don’t know how to count same eventlog messages, how to select from last 10/15 minutes…and integrate them to my rule.

Thanks for any helps.

If you feel inspirated, take a look to the advanced sql query. That way you can count() messages in a period of time and then alert if > X.

Before you ask, I dont know how to do it. I just know you can run your own SQL query so you should be able to do it.

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Yes, I can get information from MySQL DB for last 15 minutes with this query :

SELECT IF ((SELECT COUNT(message) FROM devices, ports, eventlog WHERE hostname = “HOSTNAMEAND message = “ifOperStatus: down -> up” AND ports.ifName = “0/8” AND datetime >= now() - INTERVAL 15 MINUTE) >= 4, “good”, “false”);

Is it a good idea to write a script that connects to my DB and sends email with a CRON of every minute
if Query returns “good” ?

But on libreNMS web interface alert, it doesn’t accepts the request.



No, just set that query un advanced tab of rule

Yes, I tried but when I click on “Save Rule” button, nothing happens, strange.

When query doesn’t match in mysql cli, it returns no as :

When query match in mysql cli in last 2 Hours for example, it returns yes as :

For the advanced query, the sql show return 0 rows if doesnt match.

Take a look to (FYI, due to a change in the STRICT mode that query doesnt work) but should give you an example on how to do the advanced query.

Also, you can check what a “normal” rule query looks like and the results in mysql running the query