Alert is not given.!

Alert is not given. Something is not showing up in the Alert section. Currently, cisco 3560 and 2960 devices have been added.
Force add was enabled when adding the device.

The following settings are made on the device.

snmp-server enable trap
snmp-server host [ librenms ip address] version 2c [ community ]
logging trap warnings
logging host [ librenms ip address ]

No alert was given when disconnecting the working interface.
Also, no alert was given when testing huawei devices.

Hi @Bumbayar_Battsengel
Please have a look at the documentation on how to setup the alerts. Please ensure first that all devices are discovered properly (so if you had to use “Force Add” to add them, then probably something is wrong in your SNMP config or firewalls in between …).

Adding is done without pressing Force Add. I don’t think there is a problem with the settings. Need to configure something on your Librenms?

Documentation is here :