Alert not Working on tigger

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I am facing problem of alert transport is not triggering on alert.

Alert transport is working fine on manual testing.

./test-alert.php -r 9 -h
Issuing Alert-UID #301/1:
:: Transport api => OK
:: Transport api => OK
:: Transport mail => OK

When Actual events occur I don’t receive any API or email alert from LibreNMS.

What alert rule are you using? Can you post the alert rule?

I am using different type of rules but in below picture I am using device down rule.

It also show alert when machine down but I don’t received any alert via mail or API

Go to Alerts -> Alert Transports then click on the Orange check box to test out the transport.

14 AM

@Kevin_Krumm Test transport is working fine…!! but when any alert tigger I don’t receive any alert transport.

Can any one help on this topic.


Can you run ./validate.php

And post the output please.

If your poller is not working or completing than you want get get alerts sent out. You need to trouble shoot that.

Poller Fixed but still I am not getting any alert on server down or up.

I done manual test to run test-alert.php and received all alerts.

@Kevin_Krumm can you please help me.

Are you sure the poller is running now?

Look in the poller log to see if it’s completing