Alert not Working on tigger

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I am facing problem of alert transport is not triggering on alert.

Alert transport is working fine on manual testing.

./test-alert.php -r 9 -h
Issuing Alert-UID #301/1:
:: Transport api => OK
:: Transport api => OK
:: Transport mail => OK

When Actual events occur I don’t receive any API or email alert from LibreNMS.

What alert rule are you using? Can you post the alert rule?

I am using different type of rules but in below picture I am using device down rule.

It also show alert when machine down but I don’t received any alert via mail or API

Go to Alerts -> Alert Transports then click on the Orange check box to test out the transport.

14 AM

@Kevin_Krumm Test transport is working fine…!! but when any alert tigger I don’t receive any alert transport.