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Im trying to get a slack alert from Librenms when a ports utilization goes over 80% .

The first link i think has an “alert rule” that matches what i want but need a bone thrown

This helps but. Honestly, im lost

So for the alert rule for ports utilization goes over 80% would look something like this.

This rule is also listed in the alerts collection

So i went to the dvice in question. and hit “edit” then hit “alert rules” pictured below. how do i add this to the interface i want ?

Would “Map to” be the right way for this ?

If you want to map it to a device go to Alerts menu then Rule Mapping. You cant do it from the alert rule.

Think i got it. does this look good ? the macros.port= i assume is for setting the right port

No, macros,port = 1 is not the interface name. Leave that = 1
macros.port = 1 checks to see if the interface is set to “ignore” or “disabled”

port (%ports.deleted = 0 && %ports.ignore = 0 && %ports.disabled = 0)

I did this and it did alert with the Slack transport url i set. still not sure if this alert is going to go off if any other interface hits +70%

I don’t know what mean by that… It will alert on any interface that hits 70% or greater. Unless you rule mapped to just one device. Then its only going to alert on that one device. Things to keep in mind polling is down every 5 min so if its not at the limit during that 5 min poll cycle it may get missed, Also depends on when you have set in your alert rule for delay and interval. Please check the docs for more info.

Sorry i mean any other interface on this same device. I only want this alert to go off for eth1/1 hence my question earlier about the macro

Yes, this will alert rule will alert on any interface.

If you want to alert on a specific interface. Then you need to specify that either by ports.portName or ports.ifDescr


would port.ifname work ?

sorry did not see your suggestion before i posted

No worries you will need to play with the ports.ifname

Also, I don’t recommend doing strict comparison = Eth1/1 I would try with like ~ Eth1/1

Finally a slack related question. under the “enter config options” box in the slack transport section. what goes in there ?


No clue. I use slack here too and it works. I would just leave it blank for now.

thank you very much.

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