Alert on increasing snmp number

Is there a way to alert on an SNMP OID that is increasing? I am monitoring an error counter and want to alert if the number increases.

Somewhat depends how you’re monitoring the OID. Most of the monitoring types, like customoids, applications, sensors, etc. will have a _current and _prev value in the database. So if you’ve got that all you have to do is write an alert for XXX_current > XXX_prev.

Example with a Custom OID but can be applied to other types:

So I would create a customoid on the device, and place the name in the field you have listed as users?

Seems easy enough. Is there a way to apply a customoid to multiple devices, or is it one at a time?

Lastly, is there docs I can read about this? I tried to find something in the wiki, but without luck.

The docs for alerting and rules like this are at:

Yeah, I was just using a Custom OID as a quick example. Custom OID’s are limited to per device configuration at present but the _current/_prev concept works on most sensors types. If this is something you want to add to multiple devices I would look into adding your OID as sensor. This would be a good place to start:

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