Alert port flapping up/down too much

Is there a way to create an alert when a switch port is flapping, ie it goes up and down too much in a time period ?

Of course there is. You need to create alert and use ‘SQL Override’ function.

select device_id,message from eventlog where device_id = 666 AND type = ‘interface’ AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP(datetime) >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW() - INTERVAL 25 MINUTE) AND message LIKE ‘%lowerLayer%’ HAVING count(device_id) >= 4;

Here is example which would react when since last 25 minutes port changed it’s state 4 times. I had to use LIKE pattern %lowerLayer% - this is how it looks on my specific device (Edge-Core 4210T where I was testing this).

For example if you need to monitor with this alert device with id = 1000 you should start by going through SQL:

use librenms;
select * from eventlog where device_id = ‘1000’ and type = ‘interface’;

Now take a look carefully what kind of messages you got there. For me it looks like:

ifOperStatus: up -> lowerLayerDown
ifOperStatus: lowerLayerDown -> up

That’s why I used LIKE %lowerLayer% to make sure to notice only port flapping. Otherwise your alert will react also to changing interface name or when it renegotiate connection speed.

I hope it helps.

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thanks !
Here is my request : select device_id, reference, count() as value from eventlog where type = ‘interface’ AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP(datetime) >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW() - INTERVAL 20 MINUTE) AND message LIKE ‘ifOperStatus: up%’ group by reference HAVING count() >= 4;

Seems fine. Check whether it works and you are at home :wink: