Alert rule for a specific interface

I can’t find any docs on “Map to” or “Rule Mappings.” It seems like all previous documentation on “Rule Mappings” has been deleted and is 404’ing.

My goal is this:

Create an alert that is specific to a single interface on a single device.

Using the new Alert Rule UI, I entered the alert condition (ports.ifOctetsRate > XYZ), and I put the device that I wanted the alert to apply to under “Map To.” Where do I put the specific interface that I want the alert to apply to? Do I need to use the “old format” (something like “ports.IfOctetsRate > XYZ && ports.IfDescr = ae0”) ? It seems like “Map to” only allows me to choose a device, not a specific port/interface on that device.

Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, add the ports.ifDescr condition and map to the device you want to monitor the interface.

Thanks, that worked! Is there any reason why I cannot get $alert->faults to contain anything with an alert like this? My template contains this:

@foreach ($alert->faults as $key => $value)
  #{{ $key }}: {{ $value['string'] }}

But, it appears to be empty as the information isn’t populated in the alert email it’s self.

But do you get anything in the email? At least the template?