Alert Rule (Sensors?)

First of all - the search function on this forum returns no results for anything whatsoever, and I’m sure this has been answered before, so if you can point me there, great. If not…

When creating alert rules, the available rules (sensors? - not sure the correct term) in the drop-down box contains a few hundred cryptic things e.g. “bgpPeers_cbgp.AcceptedPrefixes_delta” and so forth. A few are more obvious than most. I can find nothing anywhere to explain what these mean and what they do. Where can I find a list of definitions or explanations for these? Thanks.

Hi @Roger_Penn
These are all the database columns in LibreNMS schema. And alerting can be built after any of these columns. There is no description of each of these columns, but looking at the code that fills them and the content of the DB should help you find out which does what. Preset rules are also a source of information.
And of course contribution to the documentation is always very welcome.

Thanks. I’m all for contributing, but looking at the code that fills them doesn’t do any good if you’re not a developer and don’t write code. Good to know that it doesn’t exist though. I’ll quit looking :slight_smile:

None of us officially are developers. We are network guys doing our best to monitor our devices and help others do the same.
So, if you have a precise question about creating a rule, feel free to post here your question, and you’ll get usually the answer.
Bye !

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