Alert Rules operation


I’m actually trying to understand how to create an alert rule. I’ve read the docs but I can’t find information on Connection, Map to and other characteristics on Alert rule’s creation page.

More precisely, Do I’ve to map my rules to device or if I leave it blank it attributes to all devices ?
Do I inevitably need to select a connection “And” “Or” ?

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Ps: Sorry for my English, it’s not my native language.

Yes if you leave the map blank then it will attempt the rule on all devices unless the actual alert rule itself stops that (i.e you’ve done %devices.hostname equals “localhost”

You do need to select AND or OR even just for one rule in the chain.

Ok , thank for replying.

How to stop Interval alert mail ? If I put 0 in interval section, does it stop ?
What is the ACL status ?

Why the max is -1 by default on Devices up/down alert ?

If you only want 1 email then put max as 1.

-1 is the default for all, it means keep sending emails.