Alert Rules Question

Hi Guys,

About Alert Rules, isn’t possible disable X rules per Host?
Im asking because when i disable X Rule inside a Host config, that Rule is disable for all Hosts instead of current host.

In short, If I need disable SNMP Alert Rule for host, I need disable for all hosts?


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Are you asking if you can only disable a rule for one device? If so then No not at this time. When you disable an Alert Rule it doses it globally.

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Yes, thats my question… Really its bad :frowning:

@FullDISK … just my opinion if I was trying to monitor i would setup Nagios services and do fping service to

Yes i know, I use service fping for that, but I have servers with SNMP and without SNMP.
If I disable alert %macros.device_down = “1” it will be disabled for all servers included the SNMP servers :frowning:

Ah i got it. Try this disable that rule and use this rule it checks only for ICMP response.

%macros.device_down = “1” && %devices.status_reason = “icmp” &&

Yes, that way works.
Librenms still need some more work for Services… but its funcional.

Hi Guys,

Device reason icmp triger, does it use ping or fping checks. If it’s ping check, where it can be adjusted?
As even with that rule, sometimes I get false possitive alerts

This rule uses fping options. In config.php