Alert rules sending too much emails (delay not working?)

I’m not sure if I’m not understanding how LibreNMS works, are somethings not configured correctly or if it is a bug (or a feature) that I get to much emails.

I would like to have an Alert rule to send me email notification if device is offline, but only if it is offline for longer than 1 hour. If device goes offline and comes back online withing 1 hour I don’t care about that and don’t want to receive any alerts for that.

Here is how current alert rule looks like:
%devices.status != “1”
Max alerts: 2
Delay: 1 h
Interval: 1 d
Rule name: Device down

But I still get an email for device that goes down for 5-10 minutes only and comes back on:

Am I missing something?

that should be in minutes

Delay: 60 m
Interval: 1440 m

@Kevin_Krumm Actually input is translated into seconds, but UI shows minutes and hours.

As you can see here:

You should really update there has been an overhaul to the alerts web ui.

@Kevin_Krumm When did the UI overhaul happen? I’m using almost latest version - 1.37, released on 2018-02-25.

@Kevin_Krumm I have installed latest 1.38 version and I still have same with alert gets triggered and emails get sent right away, they aren’t paused for 1h. Any ideas why? Is this a known bug?

validate your install

please post output of ./validate.php