Alert Rules setup using nagios plugins

Hello community,
Is it possible to use the alert rules using nagios plugins? How can integrate it?
Alert rules in librenms i find it hard to customize…

Need more information on what exactly you want to alert on.

Thank you very much Kevin for your feedback,

I was looking to use nagios plugins to use libeNMS alerts.
Just finding difficult working around creating alert rules as Its difficult to know what parameters means which conditions like 0,1,2 means what? or how do i use above 60%.

Is it possible to use nagios plugins to push the alerts instead of the default alerting schems of librenms.

Did I make it clear? please kindly do let me know…

I think the ability to use nagios plugins is probably one of the most powerful features LibreNMS has. I use it constantly to monitor backups/Raid or some custom job that we may have spun up.

I think first you should understand the plugin natively before trying to use it on LibreNMS. But generals, each plugin returns either

Ok - 0
Warn - 1
Critical - 2
Unknown - 3

However those return values rely on flags that the plugin may require for thresholds. That’s totally up to you and how you want to handle your alerts for warnings vs critical.

What librenms only cares about, is the return variable come time to check for alerts. If it finds the return was 2 (critical), well now you can send your alert.

See in my example, I just check for the value of 2 since I know that’s something serious and an alert is sent to my slack channel.

Hope this helps.