Alert Sound & Banner on any LibreNMS Webpage

Is there anyway on any LibreNMS webpage you are currently viewing to have a background noise/sound & possibly a banner or something across the top of the screen with the notifications from the Notifications screen (that disappears after 5 seconds or so) to let you know when LibreNMS detects an alert?

After the background noise/sound & banner happen and then disappear, you can either continue on the the current page or you can investigate the alert.

You can currently configure browser push transport for alerts.
Is that like what you’re wanting?

Interesting. I must have overlooked that.

I will check that out and reply back if that is not what I am looking for.


I don’t have my LibreNMS instance configured for HTTPs. So that is not going to work right now.

Does look like a nice feature though!

Thanks again!

You can also be creative and have use whatever ringer/relay/raspberry/IPPhone to generate a noise from the generic API transport. This Transport can make any HTTP/HTTPs call, so any device that can make a noise based on an HTTP(s) call would fit.