Alert Transport Test to telegram failed - general error


I am new to LibreNMS and setup telegram alert.
I get telegram bot working and follow this setup on LibreNMS.
But I get the “Test to telegram failed - general error”
And I cannot find any useful information on the log ( librenms.log )
I had worked on it this week.
I need to setup on my production.
Can any one help me to fix it?
Event show
“Could not issue critical alert for rule ‘Telegram alert’ to transport ‘telegram’ Error: HTTP Status code 0”

Thanks a lots.


How do your settings under Alerts -> Alert Transport -> Telegram look like?

If you want to send messages to a group, the Chat-ID needs to start with a “-” (for example: -123456789) and the Token must be properly set as well (XXXXXXXXX:XXX_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)

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