Alert Transport Zendesk API

Is anyone else out there using Zendesk API to generate tickets? Zendesk is looking to pass along parameters with the API call, which appear to be causing an issue and I’m wondering if you guys have any thoughts.

The API call looks like this in curl… curl -u [email protected]/token:6wiIBWbGkBMo1mRDMuVwkw1EPsNkeUj95PIz2akv

The curl works perfectly fine, but when trying to create an Alert Transport from this it doesn’t accept it. Yes, I removed “curl” from the beginning. Is there a way to pass along parameters in a non-standard (uses a space) way within the LibreNMS Alert Transport functionality?

Thanks for any assistance!


Not sure if you had any luck with this? Nice feature to have for sure.

Nope, not even sure where to begin really as the alert transports don’t seem to allow this. Anyone have any ideas?

I came here looking for a better way to handle Zendesk ticket creation other than email due to hundreds of new tickets opening for each time an alert message is fired off. The API would be nice, but it doesn’t look like anything to be found.

Correct, we ended up using Power Automate (can use any handler) to parse emails received from LibreNMS and use the Zendesk API to create tickets and in the future update/close tickets. It works really well for our needs and we can extend it out to other monitoring/alerting solutions. We went with Power Automate because we use a ton of 365 components, but any will suffice.