Alert Ubiquiti Edgepower

Hello! i have some EdgePower in my network, and i am trying to add an alert when the power input of 230v is gone, but i am totally lost

those are the values from the device, but i can not find in the dropdown menu add alert

thanks in advance for the help!

I don’t see 230v being a value in any of those sensors.

any idea to advice when 230v main power goes off then with those values?
possibly warning on 95% capacity battery?

The top two in your screenshot are charge values, one is at 0% and the other 100% so you could use those if they are relevant.

that’s true, but where i am really confused is how to add this data on the field, very frustrating :frowning:

The sensor_descr box has this in: Charge percentage PSU 2

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Thanks Iaf!

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