Alerting intermediate faults to webhook/alertmanager

Hi All,
I have one scenario where I see alerting not behaving properly.
Lets say I have Filesystem Highutilzation which is defined as below

in scenario I made two filesystem to alert /var and /tmp/ one after other
/var notify —> 11:00 (new alert notified on LibreNMS and same was sent to webhook)
/tmp notify → 11:05 (alert got updated with this 2nd fault in LibreNMS nothing on webhook)

/var clear → 11:15 (fault got removed from the alert in LibreNMS but nothing on webhook)

/tmp clear → 11:21 ( alert got removed from LibreNMS and the alert update with this single fault was sent on webhook)

question here is why the intermediate notify and clears are not being sent through webhook.