Alerting when access points go down

Hi, has anyone figured out how to alert on when Aruba APs go down.

I have 2 Aruba wireless controllers in HA. They are monitored and feed in the information about the APs to LibreNMS.

I have found a reddit post that someone posed in this forum 4 years ago about how they do it with Cisco WLC. ( I believe that the access_points.deleted field maybe works different with either Aruba Wireless Controllers, or with Wireless Controllers in HA. The reason I say that is that there are “1” data items associated with every AP. Apparently there are 4 records for every AP in the access_points table. Two belonging to WLC 1 and two belonging to WLC 2. The deleted (“1”) attribute attaches itself to the WLC that is not controlling the AP.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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With the Aruba’s I have I use the following rule. It’s doesn’t tell me what device is down. I have a total of 46 in one building. It lets me know when I lose one.

wireless_sensors.sensor_class = “ap-count” AND wireless_sensors.sensor_current != 46

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