Alerts api not showing all the alerts we see in the webui

Version [24.5.0-11-gc7708922a - Thu May 23 2024 03:03:51 GMT+0000]

I’m getting different results though the webui vs the api. User has admin privileges, api token is for the same user.

So running this query, I currently get a list of three alerts returned to me.

But looking this up in the webui through “https://librenms/alerts” and filtering by the same rule, by name, I get a list of 7 alerts. It contains the same three alerts from above with additional results.

Through the api I can look up the specific alerts by id. (https://librenms/api/v0/alerts/3150) I get results from the three alert ids that I received in the first api call. But looking up the ids of the extra 4 alerts I see in the gui, I get an empty result back:

“alerts”: ,
“count”: 0,
“status”: “ok”

Am I missing some detail here, any reason why the api cannot access some of the alerts or could this be a bug in the api?