Alerts are strange


So I have 2 wireless devices, both set with custom High & Low value for signal strength.

When one of the devices signal goes “out of range” I get an alert that both are out of range. (too high)

If I go to devices>alerts I can see only one alert for the one that should have an alert, not for the other, however I get notifications for both?

My rule is below, I believe it is a standard rule, could someone point me in the correct path?

%wireless_sensors.sensor_current >= %wireless_sensors.sensor_limit &&     %wireless_sensors.sensor_alert = "1" && %macros.device_up = "1"

Are these “Senors” listed under “wireless sensors” or “health sensors”?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean.

Alerts are under Alerts>Alert Rules
High & Low are set by editing the device and going to wireless sensors

Check the event log