Alerts - Changing default limits for specific sensor - globally

Hey There

where do i change the high / / low for specific sensors?

what im looking for is the radio 0 / 1 temperature which arent fit for the danish weather…

Globally you can’t. You have to change per device.

I didn’t test, but could you in theory edit the sensor limits for all devices of say, a ‘device_type’ with a mysql change?

Or would those be over written the next cycle the limits are calculated?


So I would like to do this as well? When I add Cambium radios the “System Temp” I am not quite sure how it gets its original high low settings but it is different for every device that is added. Is there a way to either change all high and low temp values of the same device type, and if not, is there a way to modify the device type so that when you add the device it uses those original values? Thanks so much, Craig.

You cant modify that per device type. But you can modify it in device settings.

see here ->

Yeah, that is what I have been doing, but I have over a 1000 of device settings to modify.

I have been doing the same also…