Alerts Gui not displaying properly

Fresh install of LibreNMS on Ubuntu earlier this week. Validate is good. I modified the default alert template yesterday to include “system name” field. Everything was working fine yesterday, email alerts are still working properly.

Today I wanted to modify one of the thresholds for alerting, and none of the data will appear when clicking edit on an existing rule. When selecting the device field, it just says “searching” when attempting to make a new rule.

If I go to alert transports it shows the configured data. When I click edit, it says “failed to process alert transport”

Notifications and Alert History are blank
Attempting to edit Alert Templates results in blank fields as well.

I can revert to yesterdays snapshot and lose the data, but I want to understand what caused this so I can prevent it.

Forgot to mention a reboot did not fix the issue. Oddly enough after sitting for an hour it is working again without any changes. If there is anything I should check, please let me know.

Hi, I got a similar issue and notice it happens every time if a timeout happen. Then I need to login with the IP address and DNS in the web browser. But I didn’t attempt to fix it in the moment.
May it helps you.Cheerss

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