Alerts Not Triggering


need some help, for most of my devices, upon testing the alert ie:-
./scripts/test-alert.php -r 16 -d -h

there is no alerts being triggered.

what i have noticed is that upon

SELECT,alert_log.time_logged,alert_log.details FROM alert_log WHERE alert_log.state != 2 && alert_log.state != 0 && alert_log.rule_id = ? && alert_log.device_id = ? && < ? ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1 [16,95,1271]

the return results is empty…

below is the image of the debug results + validate results, we stoped the ipv6 due to internal network configurations.

notes to the problem

  • this does not happen to all devices.
  • tried deleting the rules and recreated them
  • re-added the device
  • no rules being put on the specific devices
  • some rules seems to work accross all devices (ie sensor limits), but up/down is selective using the test-alerts