Alerts on interface / port up/down

Hello again,
I don’t think I’m understanding up / down alerts.
I started by clicking the button to create the default rules. I got spammed with several up / down alerts.
I refined and split the rule into two.
One rule applied only to my core switch.
The second rule only applied to interface configured with the description, phone, wifi, or cctv.
The goal was to get alerted if a port with one of these device types went down.

There are a few spare ports configured to connect a phone, AP or camera so they are down.
I think I got alerted on all the currently down ports.
I’d only want alerted if a currently up port changed to down.

Is this by design or do I have my rule configured wrong.

Do I need to set those ports to ignore?



Ports should be turned “admin down” if you want to avoid alerting on them. If not, the alert will stay.


Thank you for the clarification.