Allied Telesis AT-x930-52GPX

Hello! There is support for a lot of Allied Telesis switches but the x930 seems to not discover in LibreNMS. Here is all required info for it.

Discovery Output: Untitled - LibreNMS
Poller Output: Untitled - LibreNMS
SNMP Bulk Walk: Untitled - LibreNMS

Other info
Show Version output:
AlliedWare Plus ™ 5.4.8 11/08/18 21:34:56

Build name : x930-5.4.8-2.1.rel
Build date : Thu Nov 8 21:34:56 UTC 2018
Build type : RELEASE

Show System output:
System Status Mon Aug 08 15:02:49 2022

Board ID Bay Board Name Rev Serial number

Base 391 Base AT-x930-52GPX X3-0 A04880A143100055
Unknown 0 Bay1 Unknown A-0 N/A
PSU 335 PSU2 PWR800 X1-0 PWR0929

RAM: Total: 1929528 kB Free: 1717168 kB
Flash: 253.8MB Used: 42.1MB Available: 211.6MB

Environment Status : Normal
Uptime : 57 days 23:03:57
Bootloader version : 3.1.3

Current software : x930-5.4.8-2.1.rel
Software version : 5.4.8-2.1
Build date : Thu Nov 8 21:34:56 UTC 2018

Thank you!

My bad, I needed the following in the config on the Allied Telesis switch:

snmp-server view v3view 1 included

Sorry for the errant post